6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Expired Domains

6 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Expired Domains

Are you wondering how to get expired domains and check whether it is not a spammy domain? Since most of the domain out there will looks worth for cost with high PR. But actually, it not.

Three reasons People go for buying expired domains:

  • To start PBN (private blog network)
  • To do 301 redirects from an expired domain to their new site to get some trust and authority from it.
  • To resell the domain.

Since they are very profitable and easy business. But there are also some risk factor in it. Like spammy backlink or even some site will be penalized by Google. So how do you check all this before buying expired domains?

Well, that’s what I’m going to share with you on this blog post.

Things You Need to Know Buying Expired Domains

To check for expired domain. I recommend you to use Dropl.io.

#1 Check Archive of the Expired Domain

If you are looking to expired domain for SEO purpose. Like to do 301 redirects or to start a PBN blog. You need to check which type of website was running before it got expired, To check the archive we are going to use Wayback machine. It will captures and save the snapshots of each domain name on the internet.

To check, Go to Archive and then enter your expire domain name that you found, Then click “Browse History.” button. As show in the below screenshot.

Now you can check your website type by looking at the past year.

You can check by clicking the year and the month.

If it is relevant to your business. You can go to the next process. If not keep finding the domain name that is relevant to your business type.

#2 Check Moz DA, PA and Spam Score

Moz Authority is one of the best metrics to measure how well the domain is performing on search.

Page authority and domain authority are two important factors to measure the quality of the site. Make sure your PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) is more than 20 and also check the spam score is less than 3/17. Spam score is a metric to measure penalization risk of the domain.

You can check all this measurement in Open Site Explorer tool.

Go to Open Site Explorer and then enter the domain name that you found. Then hit “Search.” As you seen in the image

As you see the Domain Authority is 25/100, Page Authority is 36/100, and Spam Score is also 4/17. Which is in pretty good shape. The spam score is on the safer side.

But if your DA and PA is too low and if you do like that name you can buy it. But make sure the spam score is at safer side.

 #3 Check for Spam Backlinks

While searching for an expired domain, We do look at the number of Backlinks pointing to that domain name. But we need to check whether the links are natural or spammy link.

To do so, I’m going to use Ahrefs. To check the anchor phrase of the domain.

Login to your Ahrefs account and enter your domain URL, then hit search

And scroll down and look at “Anchor Phrases” for the domain.

As you see, All the anchor phrases are linked to the brand name and relevant keyword for web design.

#4 Check PageRank

Most of the expired domains will have fake PR if you filter them out

Some people who are selling Fraud domains. What they do is. They use to do 301 redirects from domain A(PR 2) to new domain B(PR0). So once the Page rank has passed to the new domain B(PR2) they will sell it.

Let me show you a practical example of it.

As you see, the following image shows that the domain name has got page rank 8. Now how to check that this page rank is fake or not.

To do so, I’m going to use Google Query Operators. “info:domain.” on google search box

As you can see from the above screenshot, the expired domain ‘queerfans.org.com’ has been redirected to www.sho.com, which has real PR 8.

#5 Google Banned Checker

Google could ban some domain out there even with high domain authority and page authority for some reason. But If you need still the domain name, even if Google bans it, then you need to use Google reconsideration request and request them to un-ban the domain.

To check the domain is banned or not. I’m going to use Google Query Operators. “site:domainurl.” on Google search box

As you see, Google shows up some information. Which means Google does not ban it. Also, I will show some another example for banned domain.

Here, it didn’t show up any result for that domain name. Which means it is penalized by Google.

#6 Google AdSense ban Check

If you are buying expired domains to earn money online using AdSense. Then I recommend you to check if it is ban by Google AdSense by the previous domain owner.

AdSense Sandbox Checker will help you to find out whether the expired domain that you found is ban by Google AdSense or not.

So how to check it. Go to AdSense Sandbox Checker and Simply put URL. Then hit the “Preview Ads.” button.

If it displays ads, Then it is not banned.

If you have question on buying expired domains. Post in the comment section.